Our admin and business team exemplify our service approach.
Did You Know?
Trans-West’s customer base is made up of extraordinary businesses in diverse industries operating in Kern County. Our pool of customers include the areas of energy related industries, agriculture, government services, healthcare, property management, financial institutions, schools, transportation, and other corporate entities. Trans-West has been privileged to provide service to these companies. Our focus of service is in Kern County, but we do provide services in Inyo County, Monterey County, and Kings County as well.


Trans-West is committed to making SAFETY FIRST! Trans-West makes sure every employee understands our safety culture and that compliance with the safety is a condition of employment!

The management and support group for Trans-West is unequivocally committed to the safety of our employees. At all levels, our Operations, Management and Supervision participate in monthly site visits, safety meeting, etc. We are also committed to providing our employees with a safe work environments, hiring and recruiting the best individuals in our business, and providing opportunities to succeed both professionally and personally.

We achieve this by making safety a part of every new employee orientation, a critical component of our training program and by holding regular monthly safety meetings with all our employees.  Trans-West trainers also provide on-site meet and train sessions, District Supervisors provide regular post inspections to all of our accounts to ensure quality and accountability and Dispatchers provide daily radio safety status checks.  Our safety statistics validate this commitment.